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Are you looking for a social media freelancer who can help you to:

✔ Generate sales and leads
✔ Build your brand online
✔ Create a positive customer base

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Discover Social is focused on helping companies to build, grow and understand social media by using effective social techniques and best practices.  By developing and strengthening customer relationships, businesses can look to boost sales and improve on return on investment.

We work in partnership with our clients to grow their social media presence.  Building a strong online presence and generating sales and leads is what we do every day.  As your social media team, we become your online brand and communicates with thousands of members of your target audience every day.

We give honest advice in a format to suit you.  You may just be starting out on social media, or feel that you are struggling to keep ahead of the curve.  Either way, our services can be adapted to suit your budget and resources.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to retain a social media company.  Instead, we are used to help brands to monitor and respond what customers are saying about them online, helping to maintain a positive company image in their eyes.

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We have experience working with a multitude of social media channels including:

✔ Twitter
✔ LinkedIn
✔ Instagram
✔ YouTube
✔ Pinterest
✔ Reddit
✔ MailChimp

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Social media marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but the stories that you tell.
What’s your story?