Using UGC to Increase Brand Loyalty [Infographic]

Using UGC to Increase Brand Loyalty [Infographic]

Attracting customers is key, but retaining the right customers is essential to maximizing your business opportunities.

A lot of the focus in social media marketing is on acquiring new leads, but it’s important to also take into account the value of repeat customers, and of inspiring brand loyalty. But a key element of brand loyalty is often customer service, and you have fewer opportunities to showcase such – especially to newcomers – via online channels.

So how can you demonstrate your customer service excellence to people browsing your social profiles or website?

The below infographic from the team at squarelovin looks at ways in which you can showcase such through UGC, and the key elements of promoting brand loyalty through your digital listings.

Hopefully these notes will add to your considerations for 2020 – check out the full infographic below.

Infographic looks at how to promote brand loyalty

Credit: Andrew Hutchinson on Twitter

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