20 Amazing Facts About Facebook [Infographic]

20 Amazing Facts About Facebook [Infographic]

Few companies have been as instrumental in the growth and development of social media as Facebook. From its rise to popularity out of a student dorm room, all the way to its purchases of rival social media giants, Facebook has, in large part, built the social media world that we live in today.

And it doesn’t appear to be slowing – despite rising controversies and concerns, Facebook has continue to increase its user base, and now boasts more than 2.4 billion active users. A significant element in that growth is actually now coming from older demographics, while at the same time, Instagram, one of Facebook’s biggest purchases, continues to grow and dominate in its own right.

Given these trends, it’s clear that Facebook is here to stay. From new tech, to new demographics of users, Facebook, and its subsidiaries are a unique part of the digital landscape – and it’s for that reason that the team from VizionOnline have put together this infographic which details twenty fascinating facts about The Social Network.

Facebook Facts Infographic

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