28 Instagram Stories Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

Are you marketing products on Instagram? Not sure what you should post every day?

In this article, you’ll find 28 Instagram Stories ideas and examples you can use for marketing your product-based business.

Set Up an Instagram Content Calendar

To create an effective strategy for marketing on Instagram, you need to know what to post and when. Luckily, your Instagram Insights can provide some helpful hints for you.

All you need to do is open your profile and tap on the hamburger icon (three lines) in the top-right corner. Then select Insights.

From there, look at this information to create your posting plan:

  • Most Active Times: Tap on Your Audience and scroll to the bottom to see when your audience is most active each day of the week. Plan to post during peak times so people will be more likely to watch your stories. Instagram’s advice is to post to Stories at least twice per day.
  • Content You Shared: Here, you can see the reach for all of your content, including feed posts, stories, and reels. See what gets the most traction in terms of reach, likes, comments, shares, saves, and profile visits. Create more of what resonates with your audience.

Use the information you gathered from your Insights to begin planning and organizing your content in the form of a calendar. Choose the content categories that fit your business goals and also appeal to your audience. That may be things like blog posts, quotes, product promotions, and user-generated content (UGC).

From there, begin plugging everything into a spreadsheet with publishing dates, post descriptions, URLs, and images. This article on how to create a social media calendar will help with this.

Knowing what to post is half the battle on social media. According to Instagram, 58% of people say they’ve become more interested in a brand after seeing them on Stories, so you’ll want to get your content right. With these 28 Instagram Stories ideas, you’ll be able to promote your products with ease.

#1: Add Links and Shopping Stickers to Your Stories

If you want to get serious about marketing on Instagram and using it as a tool to drive sales, you need to make it easy for people to purchase. Currently, accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add the link sticker to stories, which allows you to redirect viewers to your online storefront. Note: Instagram has announced that soon, link stickers will available to all accounts.

Alternatively, you can create a shop on Instagram, which means you can tag products on stories (and your feed). Whenever you’re talking about a product, add one of these stickers so people can quickly and easily place an order.

In the story below, mvmt makes shopping simple by adding a direct link to the product it’s promoting. With a single tap, those who view the Instagram story can visit the website and begin the checkout process.

#2: Tell a Story About the Products You Offer

To generate sales, tell the story of how a certain product came to be. What made you create it in the first place? What does it do and how is it used? How has it made a difference in the lives of your customers since it was launched? Paint a picture when telling this story, and as you do, find a way to evoke customers’ emotions by relating it to their needs.

#3: Share the Process of Making Your Product From Start to Finish

Behind-the-scenes content allows viewers to become invested in the journey of bringing a product to life. The best way to do this is in real time through photos and videos posted to your story. Allow people to see the step-by-step process of taking your product from an idea to its finished form. This helps you build excitement and interest over time so people will be eager to purchase when it’s ready.

Skincare brand Cocokind polled their audience to see what product they’d like to be offered next. After a winner was selected, the brand began sharing the creation process in their stories, allowing their customers to see exactly what goes into creating their skincare line.

#4: Show Your Products With UGC

Get your current customers involved in content creation by encouraging them to share photos and videos on Instagram. Have them tag your business and included a branded hashtag.

This will give you plenty of UGC that you can then repost to your stories. Not only will your customers feel appreciated because you saw and shared their post but it also shows potential buyers that people love what you have to offer.

#5: Create Urgency by Using the Countdown Sticker

When posting to Instagram Stories, it’s wise to make use of the stickers that can be added to your post. Add the countdown sticker to mark the days until the launch of a new product or sale. It can even be used as a reminder of how much time is left in an active launch.

Logitech didn’t want people to miss the launch of their new MX Keys Mini keyboard so they posted a story that featured the countdown sticker. People could then tap the sticker to be notified of the launch.

#6: Post Photos of Your Favorite Items for Sale

Step up your marketing on Instagram Stories by having a weekly feature where you showcase just one of your products in an effort to drive sales. This can be your favorite product of the moment or something that has been a bestseller that week. Share photos, videos, and even a review of that product from a previous customer.

#7: Create How-To Videos Showcasing Your Product

Creating a how-to video can potentially answer any questions your followers may have and could push them closer to making a purchase. Just be sure to save it to your highlights later so it’ll always be accessible to those who need it.

#8: Give Tips to Help Customers Get the Most Out of Their Purchase

How many times have you purchased something only to never use it? Unfortunately, it happens more often than we’d care to admit. You can prevent this from happening with your customers by offering valuable tips that will help them get full use out of your products.

#9: Share Why Your Product Is Beneficial

When someone’s on the fence about purchasing a product, you can often get them to take action by showing the value it’ll add to their lives. Think about a product you offer and ask how it would benefit a customer who purchases it. What kind of transformation will it make in their lives? Then, share a photo or video where you discuss why it’s a necessity.

#10: Have an Influencer Host a Takeover of Your Stories

If you want to step up your marketing on Instagram, collaborate with an influencer. The key is to choose someone who’s aligned with your business values and has an existing audience you want to target.

Then, you can have this person host an Instagram Stories takeover where they share a typical day in their life. Within these stories, have them incorporate your product in a way that’s natural. Pura Vida often has influencers do story takeovers that share snippets of their day.

#11: Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Your Offerings

Odds are your Instagram followers have some burning questions they’d love to ask you. Give them the chance to do that by having a Q&A session every so often in your stories. Do this by using the Questions sticker and encouraging them to ask questions about your business, your offerings, and so on.

#12: Give Followers a Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Up Next

If you’re in the process of developing a new product, share some snippets so they’ll be intrigued. You don’t necessarily need to give all of the details right off the bat. It can be photos or videos that provide enough information that they want to learn more but still have to wait until the official launch for the full scoop.

#13: Tease Upcoming Sales

Sales are always a good way to bring in new business because everyone loves the chance to save money. If you have a sale scheduled in the next week, let people know on Instagram Stories. You can even include the countdown sticker so they can choose to be reminded when the sale begins.

#14: Share Coupon Codes and Special Promotions

Give special thanks to those who watch your Instagram Stories regularly by sharing a coupon code or a special promotion with just them. Don’t post it anywhere else. It’ll give them a reason to always come back and watch your stories.

#15: Post Customer Testimonials

If you’re marketing on Instagram, one thing you absolutely want to do is share testimonials from your customers. Take screenshots of reviews posted on your website or other social media platforms and post them to your Instagram stories.

Sharing testimonials from past customers during launches can be a powerful way to boost sales.

#16: Host a Giveaway for Those Who Watch Your Stories

Everyone loves the chance to win something and you can promote it via your stories to drive signups. Giveaways are also perfect for boosting your email list if you require people to provide their email as part of their entry submission.

#17: Ask for Feedback to Improve Your Overall Customer Experience

Instagram Stories provides just one way for you to connect with your customers. Take advantage of that by inviting them to share their feedback with you. Ask them to DM you, sharing their thoughts on the overall customer experience your business provides. Take note of what you’re doing right and fix the things they feel need to be improved. A positive, user-friendly experience ultimately leads to more sales.

#18: Poll Your Audience to Get to Know Them Better

Use polls to gain a better understanding of those following you on Instagram. Ask about their demographics, interests, preferences, pain points, and other useful information. Then, take that information to create free content and paid products that would appeal to them.

Fitbit seems to enjoy playing a game of “This or That” on its stories by adding polls for engagement. Some questions are just for fun, while others offer feedback about the company’s products.

#19: Create a Regular Story Series

Sometimes it’s easier to create content when you have a theme planned for each day. For instance, #MondayMotivation is a great time to share an inspirational quote to help your followers start the week off on the right foot. You could also have days dedicated to highlighting specific products, team members, or customers. You might even decide to offer a weekly product promotion.

#20: Tell the Story of How Your Brand Got Started

The About page on your website probably shares all of the details of how your brand came to be but not everyone is going to check that out. Share your brand story on Instagram so people can get to know you better and form a strong connection with your brand. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and your team!

#21: Showcase Your Expertise

When people can see that you’re the go-to expert for what you do, they’ll be more inclined to purchase something from your business because you’ll be viewed as an authority. Show off your expertise by sharing any education, certifications, or experience that’s relevant to what your business does.

#22: Promote Your Latest Blog, Podcast, or Video

If you’ve just published a brand-new piece of content, let everyone on Instagram know by sharing it on Instagram Stories. This is a great way to drive traffic and engagement on the content you create outside of your social media platforms. Just don’t forget to add that important link sticker or direct people to the link in your bio if you can’t add the sticker.

Teachable makes sure to share its latest blog posts on Stories so all of its followers can check it out.

#23: Repurpose Past Content for Stories

Every piece of content you post doesn’t have to be something brand-new. Dig into your archives to find content that’s still relevant for your audience today, then rework it into a story using pictures or video.

#24: Vlog Your Day

“Work With Me Wednesday” is a popular theme that business owners like to share in their stories. Commit to bringing your followers along for a day in your life for at least one day each month. Let them see your morning routine, what’s on your to-do list, and even what you’re eating.

#25: Recommend Other Businesses You Know Your Customers Will Love

Sometimes it’s nice to spread the love to other small businesses that are doing amazing things just like you are. If you know a business that your customers would be likely to purchase from, tell them about it. Create an Instagram story that features this business and what they’re all about. Be sure to tag them so your followers can go check out their account.

#26: Show a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Your Workplace

While this idea for your Instagram Stories isn’t specifically promoting a product, it’s still a great way for followers to build a connection with your brand. People are more inclined to purchase when they have a strong relationship with you. By giving them the chance to see into your workplace, they’ll learn more about who you are and how you work.

#27: Provide Insight Into Your Company’s Culture and Team Dynamics

These days, customers want to support small businesses they feel aligned with on a deeper level. Open up about what’s important to your company in terms of your values, and if you feel comfortable, your stance on certain social issues. You can even discuss what makes your workplace culture special and allow them to see what it’s like to be part of the team.

#28: Feature Individual Employees in Fun Ways

Customers want to know the faces behind the business logo. Interview your employees on-camera and have them answer a few simple questions. They can introduce themselves, talk about their role in the business, and include a fun fact so people can get a better sense of their personality.


When marketing on Instagram, it’s smart to use a combination of these different types of Instagram story posts to get the most value out of the platform. The more high-quality content you share, the better your chance to expand the reach of your business and boost sales.

Get More Advice on Instagram Marketing

For a video tutorial about how to market your business on Instagram, watch this video on our YouTube channel:

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