64 Ideas for Your Marketing Plan 2021

64 Ideas for Your Marketing Plan 2021

Given the huge disruption to 2020, it may feel naïve to start planning for 2021.

We know how you feel; having to throw out your 2020 marketing plan because of the pandemic and other unforeseen shifts. However, key dates and events remain even in uncertain times, and with the end of the COVID-19 outbreak seemingly in sight, now is the time to start mapping out a tentative plan, and thinking over your approach for 2021.

The team from Linqia have published a new 2021 events calendar to help you stay on top of all the key happenings.

Whilst some things listed below might change, not everything listed here will play out as expected. But the hope is that, at least at some stage, we can merge back into some degree of normal, which could make those events in the second half of the year especially meaningful. 

You can download a larger version of the calendar here.

Linqia 2021 events calendar

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