What Happens on the Internet Every Minute (2020 Version) [Infographic]

What Happens on the Internet Every Minute (2020 Version) [Infographic]

It’s amazing to consider the diverse range of activity that happens online, especially in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more of us indoors, and towards web-based apps and tools to stay connected with each other, and the wider world.

This latest update from Domo shows a minute’s insight into the internet. Every year, Domo releases its ‘Data Never Sleeps‘ chart, which provides a quick snapshot of what’s happening online, every minute of every day.

And there are some staggering stats in this year’s version – for example:

  • Facebook users upload 147,000 photos
  • Twitter gains 319 new users
  • Instagram users post 347,222 Stories
  • YouTube creators upload 500 hours of video
  • WhatsApp shares 41,666,667 messages
  • Amazon ships 6,659 packages
  • Instagream business profile ads see 138,889 clicks
  • LinkedIn users apply for 69,444 jobs
  • Reddit sees 479,452 people engage with content

Every minute. Every day.

If you haven’t considered the implications of so much of our data being uploaded online, these figures provide some scope as to the concern – there is now so much information and insight stored by the major web giants.

That gives them great power, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Worth keeping in mind as you check out the below stats.

Domo Data Never Sleeps chart 2020

Credit: DOMO

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