The top Pinterest trends for August 2019

The top Pinterest trends for August 2019

Pinners are savoring the heat this month at outdoor events and on vacation. They’re also eating up seasonal garden produce. We’ve compiled a few of the trends we’re seeing below. Let them inspire your next campaign!

Concrete plans

It’s smooth. It’s cool. It’s a liquid, then a solid. Concrete, and its magic ingredient cement, are trending this month. People are looking for sleek, modern concrete houses—interiors as well as exteriors—sending searches up494% year over year (YoY). They’re also searching for cement planters(+88%), do-it-yourself cement crafts (+269%) and luxuriously rustic outdoor baths (+285%).

Cowboy up

It’s rodeo season in the Northern Hemisphere, and people are looking to bring a little more cowboy to their lives. We’re expecting this trend to rustle up some fun in food, fashion and art, as searches are up for campfire cooking (+55% YoY), western boots outfit (+90% YoY) and cowboy art (+120% YoY).

Eating al fresco

Pinners are getting that garden bounty on the table, growing searches for jalapeño poppers recipes by 767% YoY and rhubarb desserts by 226% year over year. They’re also looking for seasonal stuff to grill, like Mexican-style elote corn (63% YoY) and sip, like the mellow summer cooler lavender lemonade (+180% YoY).

Vacation notice

People on Pinterest have sun, sand and water on the brain this month. They’re dreaming about the savory spread that is Turkish breakfast (+79% YoY) and the blue and white Greece aesthetic (+115% YoY). They’re looking the part in sun-smart Panama straw hats(+278% YoY) and minimalist straw hats (+62% YoY) as well as easy-packing outfit sets

The local edition

  • Australia: To make that ever-important first impression, Australians are considering foyer decor, opening the door to a 330% lift in searches year over year.
  • Canada: Canadians are looking to omelette muffins (+520% YoY) for an easy way to feed a crowd or take breakfast on the go.
  • France: Women’s summer wetsuits (+90% YoY) are making a splash this season in France, bringing built-in sun protection (and style!) to long days at the beach.
  • Germany: Germans are going full-spectrum this month, as reflected by the surge in searches for rainbow nails—up 154% YoY.
  • UK: Bleak, black and beautiful, grunge goth(+410%) is the latest vintage style trend in the UK.
  • US: The saucy Marry Me Chicken recipe is all the rage in the US, where searches are up almost higher than we can count, at an outrageous 16,281% YoY!

Put these insights to work

  • While cement is an ingredient in concrete, Pinners tend to use the two words interchangeably when searching for that industrial look. Include keywords for both “concrete” and “cement” in your campaigns to lay a solid foundation.
  • In food and beverage or entertaining? Show how finger foods like jalapeño poppers and Mexican street corn can spice up end-of-summer barbecues and events. We’re seeing a range of options pop up for elote dip and salads.
  • It’s no surprise the Aegean is a hot spot in August. Think of ways to feature your product as part of trip planning: beach bag essentials, summer reading lists, beauty looks to complement cool summer blues and whites or ways to incorporate a straw hat into an outfit. 

Dive into our Audience insights tool to discover even more Pinterest trends that are likely to resonate with your customers.

Credit: Pinterest Newsroom.

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