All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options in One Infographic

Facebook offers the most advanced ad targeting capacity of any platform in history, with a huge range of options to reach people based on their interests, preferences, geography, etc.

But Facebook has made changes to its targeting capacity this year. Back in August, Facebook removed more than 5,000 of its ad targeting categoriesdue to concerns that they could be applied in discriminatory ways. That’s a lot, that’s a heap of audience identifiers removed. Yet, even without those potentially problematic data points, Facebook still offers a huge array of ways in which to reach just the right people, at just the right time.

Highlighting this, the team from Wordstream have published an updated version of their infographic listing all of Facebook’s targeting options. These are the basic categories, and there are still more on top of this that can be added (like Page fans, lookalike audiences, etc.), but it provides a helpful overview of the many ways in which you can reach your potential Facebook audience.

Check out the full infographic below, or you can read Wordstream’s full report on the graphic here.

Infographic lists all of Facebook's ad targeting options

Credit: WordStream and Andrew Hutchinson on Twitter 

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