Three Ways To Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Three Ways To Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Are you wondering how to promote your local business to your customers?

Drive leads and customers to your storefront with these three simple suggestions.


The simplest way to get your name in front of customers is to use a Facebook boosted post.  This is a type of Facebook advertising, and offers an easier way to begin your online advertising.  Almost every time you create a post on your Facebook page, you’ll have the option to Boost Post, which shares your post with a wider audience (for a fee!).

It only takes two minutes and is an easy way to remind your customers that you’re there.  You can also boost your post for a special offer or event.  It can also help you to stay visible to your audience, as organic (non-boosted) posts on average are only made visible to 3% of your page followers.

Use the name of your town or area you’re targeting in your post to grab the attention of your customers.  Use an attractive image that stands out.  If it makes sense, use your logo, storefront or local view to spark recognition.

If you make a slideshow video through Facebook, you can download it once published, to use elsewhere for marketing.


Local business promotions are optimised to reach as many people as possible. Boosted posts, on the other hand, are optimised for engagement and will be shown primarily to people who are most likely to respond to Facebook posts within the audience you select.

You can set up this type of Ad through Ad Manager and choosing the Reach objective.

You’re limited to 25 characters for the headline and 90 characters for the text. Previews of how your ad will appear on desktop, mobile, and Instagram are shown on the right.

After this, choose a Call-to-Action button (Like Page, Call Now, Get Directions etc), then set the budget and duration then click Promote.


Facebook Messenger bots offer amazing potential for marketers because visitors can subscribe to your Facebook page with just one click. Once they’ve subscribed, you can send them information and updates from your page via Messenger (within the boundaries outlined in Facebook’s policies).

Bots are a convenient, simple way to share information about launches and sales or deliver vouchers. In addition, the open, read, and click-through rates for these messages are huge compared with the equivalent email open rates. (Check out the experiments carried out by HubSpot.)

To find out how Discover Social can help you to reach your marketing goals, contact us today.

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