Grow Your Business: 3 Tips for Successful Targeting with the Facebook Pixel

Grow Your Business: 3 Tips for Successful Targeting with the Facebook Pixel

Knowing what your customers want, and understanding the decisions they make, is key to developing the right advertising strategy for your business and boosting revenues.

With the Facebook pixel, valuable insights on your customers’ actions are just a click away. The analytics tool allows you to track consumers’ behaviour on your website. This generates data you can use to refine your advertising strategy and drive sales.

It’s easy to use. Simply add a small piece of code to a web page to track specific events, such as a customer registering on your site, completing a purchase and so on.

Here are three ways to get the most out of the Facebook pixel.


Better data yields better results. The Facebook pixel enables you to track the actions that matter to your business, by following your customer’s journey.

Armed with these valuable insights, you can tailor your advertising to the people most likely to take the action you want, whether that’s making a purchase or registering for your newsletter.

For French t-shirt company Monsieur TSHIRT, installing the pixel on its online store meant it could track every time someone clicked through one of its ads. And by embedding pixels on the pages of its online catalogue, it was able to gather precise data about the products that appealed to specific people.



The insights you glean from the Facebook pixel can also be used to find new customers.

Custom Audience is a targeting tool that enables businesses to reach out on Facebook to specific groups of people, such as those who have already visited their website. Businesses can also create Lookalike Audiences to put their advertisements in front of people who are similar to their existing customers.

For Liverpool-based lifestyle and streetwear brand Wasted Heroes, the combined power of the Facebook pixel, audience targeting and Instagram ads attracted new customers and resulted in a threefold increase in sales to the United States.



Dynamic advertising allows you to promote a product to people who have shown previous interest in that product, such as by adding it to their wishlist on your website.

Say, for example, that a customer recently visited your website, looked at a specific product, but didn’t make a purchase. Data gathered by the Facebook pixel allows businesses to retarget customers like this with relevant dynamic ads.

Swedish personalised map print company Mapiful used data from the pixel to set up Custom Audience to retarget dynamic ads to new and returning website visitors. By serving highly relevant, personalised ads to potential customers, Mapiful was able to boost its sales.

Credit: Facebook Business News 

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